Creative Nonfiction

I’m not sure things made out of words and put into linear narrative can be considered “nonfiction,” but here are some things I wrote:

“Poison in the Ear,” essay for CrimeReads–wherein I explore Shakespeare’s character Iago (from Othello) and vent about Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

“Ted Kooser’s ‘Hands’: On Amoebae, Empathy, and Poetic Prose”–wherein I run across a perplexing sentence construction in a Ted Kooser essay and wind up making lists and charts and wind up fairly convinced we lack free will. It’s a journey. While you’re there, check out the other incredible offerings in Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies.

“Schadenfreude’s Over, People. Nothing More to See. Keep Moving.” –wherein I explore reasons for the music industry’s alleged collapse, why we feel the need to document things we do, a Ben Weasel meltdown, and something about Mormonism. Written in 2011, this essay originally appeared as part of a Doom Town USA cassette compilation. Limited to 100, the zine included writing by Chris Besinger and art by Chris Fischer, Justin O’Connor, Peaceful Traveler, and Ethan Jones. Music by artists STNNNG, Ed Gray, Yuppies, Baby Tears, Vverevvolf Grehv, &c.